School Choice

The Benton School District is one of the best public education systems in the nation.


Named as one of America’s Best High Schools by US News & World Report, Benton provides students a world-class education that prepares them for a globally competitive society.

Our district develops lifelong learners and students who can become self-directed in their learning by using a variety of learning strategies to enhance their educational experience. Benton creates opportunities for all students to succeed by becoming proficient, or above, in all content areas with an emphasis on literacy, mathematics, and the sciences.

Benton strives to be a district of excellence that competes at the state and national levels in all academic and extracurricular activities. The district places a priority towards instilling a desire for ethical behavior, integrity and good citizenship.

These principles are the driving force behind a continuous pursuit of excellence in everything we do.  Our success in academics as well as athletics are a few of many reasons that the Benton School District is a great place to educate students.

The Arkansas Public School Choice program was established to give parents and students more options with respect to where students attend public school and to enable any student to attend a school in a district in which the student does not reside, subject to the restrictions contained in ARKANSAS PUBLIC SCHOOL CHOICE ACT of 2015.

Those interested in exploring school choice options are encouraged to read more at the links provided and be aware of the deadlines below.  Applications are available at the following links:

Application for Arkansas School Choice

Solicitud De Transferencia A Un Distrito De No Residentcia


2015-2016 School Choice Eligibility

Act 1227 of 2013, which established the Public School Choice Act of 2013, went into effect on April 16, 2013. The Act was amended in Act 560 of 2015 and includes the following deadlines:

May 1

Students/parents apply for school choice to a nonresident district, which will notify the resident district of the filing of the application.

July 1

The superintendent of the nonresident district notifies the parent and resident district of the acceptance or denial of a school choice application.

December 15

The Arkansas Department of Education reports to each school district the net maximum number of school choice transfers for the next school year.


The Benton Public School system excels in providing the quality of education parents expect and makes preparing our students for a competitive, global marketplace a priority. To find out more about Benton Public Schools or how to enroll your child, you may contact the Benton School District at 501-778-4861, email the administration at, or check us out on the web HERE.


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