The Covid-19 pandemic has certainly made the 2020 football season far from normal.  One of the most abnormal parts of the season has been the absence of the #1 fan of the Panthers, Freddie Rinehart.  Not only do we all miss Freddie at the stadium, home or away, on Thursday and Friday nights, but so many in town miss seeing him.  Be it at the courthouse square, the businesses around downtown, or at the Burger Shack, Freddie has been missed by all who call Benton home.

Because of Covid-19, Freddie has been sticking close to home every day, and his presence in town and at Panther games has been sorely missed.

To show Freddie how much we miss him, Dara and Luke Moody have come up with a great idea to show Freddie how much he is missed.  This Friday (Homecoming) at 3:00, everyone is invited to the C.W. Lewis Stadium parking lot for a caravan/parade to Freddie’s house.  He’ll be sitting on the front porch, proudly wearing his #70 Panther jersey that Coach Harris presented him in May on his 70th birthday.

Let’s have a great turnout to show our love and appreciation to the Panthers’ #1 Fan on Homecoming Friday.