Panthers News · Benton Panther 7 on 7 Tournament Schedule

The annual Benton Panther 7 on 7 Tournament will be played June 12th at the Benton Athletic complex.  Please come out and support your Benton Panthers.  The tournament play will begin at 2 pm following the morning schedule match-ups listed below for pool play.

Go Panthers

Pool Play Schedule

Field One (South End of Stadium)
9:00 AM Benton v. HS Lakeside
9:30 AM Harding Academy v. Nashville
10:00 AM Benton JV v. Palestine-Wheatley
10:30 AM Prescott v. Forrest City
11:00 AM HS Lakeside v. West Memphis JV
11:30 AM Nashville v. Shiloh Christian
12:00 PM Vilonia v. Palestine-Wheatley
12:30 PM LR Christian v. Forrest City
Field Two (North End of Stadium)
9:00 AM Prescott v. LR Christian
9:30 AM Hope v. West Memphis JV
10:00 AM West Memphis v. Shiloh Christian
10:30 AM Benton JV v. Vilonia
11:00 AM LR Christian v. Mena
11:30 AM Benton v. West Memphis JV
12:00 PM Harding Academy v. Shiloh Christian
12:30 PM England v. Benton JV
Indoor Complex
9:00 AM Vilonia v. England
9:30 AM Forrest City v. Mena
10:00 AM Benton v. Hope
10:30 AM Harding Academy v. West Memphis
11:00 AM England v. Palestine-Wheatley
11:30 AM Prescott v. Mena
12:00 PM HS Lakeside v. Hope
12:30 PM Nashville v. West Memphis